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This used to be quite the place!
A million years ago in internet time-the mid to late 1990's-wizzard.com was one of the few site on the internet to get reasonable quality images of the earth for free. Searches on the term 'globe' found my site in the top 20 for many years.

Times change, but I couldn't keep up with the thousands of innovations in mapping the world by millions of people who love maps.

I still have many images tucked away in directories that are no longer accessable because default security setting are tighter these days (I used to just dump images in directories and let people look around.) I'm going to TRY to get to unlocking some of the current images, and put online some of the thousands of images I made back when but never convert to online formats, but, hey-if I haven't done it in the last couple years, don't expect it to be my top priority.

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   A little selection of globes images
I have globe images no one has ever seen...
piles of globes. Most are still frames meant to be made into animations. I have folders called NewGlobes and NuGlobes, and MuGlobes that one day I may get around to putting online.

For example, the animation to the right is one in a series of sizes back nearly 10 years ago, but this is the first time I've put it on-line anywhere that someone could see it.

A couple of the existing images
Animated gifs
 1.)   On black backgrounds
 2.)   On white with color

   NEW Globes
Will I live long enough to finish this section?
Put something appropriate here.
Nice Color don't you think?
Blah, blah, blah...
 1.)  List item 2/28
 2.)  List item 2 2/28
 3.)  List item 3 2/27

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